Electric Transportation

New technology brings a whole host of new opportunities and challenges. Simulation allows the new generation of transportation companies get to market first and insure reliability.



Multi-Scale Multi-Dimensional battery simulation allows precise characterization of batteries including all of the physics. 

Battery electro-chemistry, cooling, thermal abuse, impact and damage can all be investigated through simulations.

Radars and antenna

Sensors are an important part of future transportation systems. Through simulation, you can quickly optimize antennas and radars on a wide range of length scales. 

Investigate in detail antenna design and its interactions with housing and surrounding structures. Finally, understand the long range performance in realistic scenarios.

Motor design

Create detailed motor designs to develop the right size, performance and efficiency for your application. Tools designed for motor application allow you to iterate and optimize quickly and accurately.

We have also helped customers solve associated problems such as motor cooling, vibration/noise and gear train design.