Electronic Case Studies

At Singularity Engineering LLC, we work extensively with Silicon Valley companies big and small to help improve electronics systems design. We see many common problems like electrical performance, thermal control and mechanical durability at companies large and small. Here are a selection of case studies. Fill out the form to get access to tutorials and workshops.



SI/PI/EMI issues are some of the most common concerns we hear about from our customers. These issues are becoming more pronounced as clock frequencies increase and board size shrink.

ANSYS Electronics desktop provides a unique combination of fast board level solutions and full wave 3d electromagnetic simulation to provide the most accurate and efficient result for today's electronics.

PCB Assembly Reliability

PCB's are getting thicker and components are getting smaller and thinner. These new realities lead to a wide range of reliability issues related to board warpage.

 ANSYS has a unique trace mapping capability which captures the trace layout inside the board to improve warpage simulation accuracy.

We have helped many companies solve thermal, vibration and solder joint reliability issues using these techniques.

Electronic Thermal

Over heating is a common issue for virtually all modern electronics devices. We provide easy to use tools and services to predict your device temperature early in the design process. 

As more power is carried inside the PCB, many customers become interested in accurately characterizing this heat source. ANSYS has a unique set of capabilities that makes this process easy and accurate.