Electronics Applications




  • Power integrity - decoupling capacitor optimization

  • Signal Integrity

  • Radio Frequency / Antenna design


PCBA Reliability

Singularity Engineering is the unique provider for the full suite of PCBA reliability simulation solutions. We combine the powerful solution capability of ANSYS Mechanical with the ease of use and rich dataset of DFR Sherlock to help customer tackle DFM (Design for manufacturability) and DFR (Design for reliability) concerns early on in the design process.


Solder Joint fatigue

Thermal cycling induced solder joint fatigue has been the main source of electronics failure and the cause for numerous expensive product recalls. Simulation has been used to successfully remedy these issues during the design process for many years.

In addition to detailed BGA fatigue simulations, we offer fast checks for the entire PCBA. This provide time to failure estimates for every component on a PCBA for a basic PCB layout file.

Discovery solder joint failure during physical testing typically results in expensive fixes and months of delays. A quick simulation will reduce the risk significantly.


Shock and Random Vibrations

Mobile and automotive applications have very stringent shock and vibration requirements as these are important failure modes to consider. Standard shock and vib tests will identify failures. However by the time prototypes are built and tested, any changes are bound to be long and expensive.

We offer shock and vibration simulations that predicts time to failure from a PCB layout file. With hundreds of thousands of components in our library, and vast amounts of reliability data. We are uniquely positions to provide you the confidence and peace of mind before you go into physical testing.

PCB Warpage.png

PCBA Warpage

The switch to lead free solder and increasing thick and complex boards have made the solder reflow process more prone to failure. Due to the excessive warpage induced by large CTE differences, PCBA warpage during reflow can be a significantly reduce production yield.

We offer specialized tools that allows you to quickly model the entire PCBA taking into account the details of the trace distribution for each layer of the PCB. This allows simulations to accurately capture PCBA warpage from a simple PCB layout. Allowing you to identify issue before they arise.


Electronics Cooling

Electronics gets hot. We help you figure out the best way to cool it through convection, conduction and radiation. Electronics assemblies can be very complex systems. Having the right tools means you can tackle these problems efficiently and get accurate results to ensure your devices’ performance.

Electronics cooling challenges are becoming more common as form factors shrink and performance requirements go up. Having a workable cooling solutions figured out before you start cutting metal is a sure way to help meet your development deadlines.


Full system level electronics cooling solutions

You have a large, complex actively cooled system and you need to make sure it doesn’t over heat. We have the right solution to tackle the most complex systems efficiently.

Conduction, convection and radiation are all covered using state of the art CFD solvers. However the power of our solution is the ability to handle complex assemblies efficiently so that you can get a result quickly.


SMall IOT device cooling

For most small IOT type of devices, convection effects can be simplified. This means we can make the problem super simple and get an accurate result even faster.

As always we strive to provide the RIGHT solution for our customers so that you can be most efficient.


Drop and Impact

As electronics devices have become more mobile. Drop and impact have become a more common failure mode. Our simulation solutions helps you understand and improve resistance to drop, shock and impact events. JEDEC board level drop, ball impact, Mil Spec shock and full system level drop test can all be simulated. In addition simulation provides detailed data on every part of the system, providing unequaled insight for designers to improve the design.


System level drop simulation

System level drop analysis is the gold standard in terms of providing insight and confidence into the design. Although time consuming, they are used by all major mobile electronics companies to ensure and improve drop tolerance of modern mobile electronics.

We provide a full suite of solutions to balance the time and accuracy of drop simulation so that our customers gets the results they need in the time they have.


Ball Impact

User interface devices need to with stand impacts. It is common to perform ball impact test to characterize impact resistance.

Simulation allows you to characterize and design a impact resistant display stack so that your prototypes will survive these test. This helps the development process to proceed smoothly and get your product to market faster.


shock resistance

Often the most fragile components are the sensitive electronics inside large systems. Shock simulation is commonly used to quickly gauge the shock resistance of sensitive electronics. These can be based on Mil Spec data or prior test data and they provide fast estimates that can be readily used during the design process.


Power Integrity

Electronics are becoming smaller and more power efficient. The shorted bus length and lower drive current makes ensuring power integrity much more difficult.

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions to help engineers ensure power integrity and optimize your design to reduce cost


DEcoupling capacitor optimization

Decoupling capacitors are used to solve power integrity issues. Modern PCB’s often require hundreds if not thousands of capacitors to work efficiently. This certainly adds significant cost and use up valuable board space.

We have tools that automatically minimize the number of capacitors on board and optimize their capacitance to meet power integrity requirements. This process can significantly reduce BOM cost and free up valuable board space.


Signal Integrity

High speed signals will encounter many discontinuities long it’s path in modern electronics system. Each via, connector, solder ball will distort the signal quality and reduce the overall bandwidth of the system.

We provide a full suite of signal integrity simulation tools to ensure that high speed devices perform at high speeds.


SYZ Extraction

S-parameter extraction is typically the first step in identifying and characterizing the signal integrity of a complex board. As boards become smaller and operating frequencies higher, detailed and highly accurate s-parameter extraction is crucial in meeting performance requirements.

We provide the gold standard in 3d board level s-parameter extraction tools. Our solutions are the most accurate available and provide sign-off level results before prototyping.


Cross Talk

When traces on a PCB gets too close, cross talk becomes an issue. As performance envelop is pushed to their limits in PCB design, cross talk becomes an important issue.

We provide solutions that allows you to quickly scan signal traces and nets to identify which ones are susceptible to cross talk issues.


Channel Noise and Jitter

Combined simulation of connectors, traces and vias gives you the true performance of a channel with unparalleled accuracy. Evaluate either per or post layout to understand and mitigate channel noise and jitter.

We provide high accuracy time domain simulation solutions for the entire high-speed channel. With powerful post processing capabilities, we can automatically gather eye statistics, inter-symbol interference and bit-error rates.


Antennas and RF

Antennas and RF simulations is challenging because of the vast difference in scales of interest. From detailed analysis of MIMO antennas radiation patters, to interference caused by enclosures, human bodies, even rooms and buildings.

We have the best solution that spans the entire problem space. Whether you are developing automotive radars or placing antennas on your IOT device, we can provide insight and help you make your product better.


Antenna matching and tuning

Antenna must be matched to the signal channel in order to be efficient. In today’s compact mobile devices, proper matching can be challenging and often results in a cascading challenges of low efficiency, high power use and short battery life.

We provide tools and solutions to ensure your antenna is matched to your circuit and tuned for optimal performance.


Antenna Desense

Multiple antennas on a complex electronics system can cause interference and decreased sensitivity due to noise from other components.

Evaluate your antennas as installed in the system through simulation to better understand interference and sensitivity.


Far Field effects

Understand the behavior of the antenna on a car, in a house or in a city.

We have the solution to efficiently simulation the performance of RF system across huge areas. This allows better understanding of the installed performance and enables design optimization before prototyping.