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Engineering simulations are powerful tools that provide unparalleled insight into your design. However, there are many choices and countless ways to use these tools.

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Signal Integrity

High speed communications across complex 3d circuits mean traditional design rules are no longer sufficient.

Use simulation to ensure SI/PI/EMC.

PCBA Warpage

Improve yield in production

Components get smaller, boards get thicker and solder reflow temperatures get higher. These issues cause larger warpage of PCB assembly and lower yield.

Use simulation to predict and fix these issues during your design process. Save time, money and rework.


Antenna Design


5G, blue tooth, wifi and GPS. Have all of your antennas designed and working together on your first try. Optimize your antenna design through simulation. Reduce energy usage and improve performance.

Drop Reliability

Build a durable product

In a world dominated by portable devices, drop is the number one failure mode.  Simulation can ensure your component, subassembly and device are resilient to drop during your design process.

We can show you different simulation methods and help you make the appropriate trade off between accuracy and effort.

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Want to see if engineering simulations can help you speed up product development and improve performance?

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We run simulations for you and walk you through the results. 

Consulting is a quick and easy way to see the value and experience the benefits of simulation.



Want to use simulation to tackle engineering challenges and innovate? We show you how to use the right tools in the right way so that you can get on with engineering.



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