Medical Devices

Medical device development is time consuming and expensive. Simulation tools can significantly reduce development time and expense. We work with the FDA to help companies use simulation more effectively, to innovate safely and quickly.


Multiphysics capabilities

We provide a wide range of tools to help solve many different challenges in medical device development. From the durability of stents to wireless charging to hemolysis, ANSYS tools are often the right solution for bio-medical companies.


Hemolysis can be a serious issue for medical devices.  Our simulation tools can quickly and easily predict blood cell damage.  Use simulation to optimize medical devices for performance, hemolysis and cost. 

Various solutions are available that trade off speed for accuracy in various ways. We help you find the right solution for your problems.


Simulation is commonly used to model implantable devices to insure performance, reliability and durability.

We use ANSYS tools to model shape memory alloys such as Nitinol.  We also use simulation to understand hemolysis implications as well as drug elution over time.