Product Design

Simulation tools are becoming easier to use. We have helped thousands of design engineers adopt simulation to improve their design early in the process. Engineers who use simulation early design better products and gain valuable insight into their design.


Design exploration

The most valuable capability for designers is automatic parametric analysis. These techniques allow designers to explore the complete design space early in the process. 

Making the right trade-offs through design of experiments allows designers to quickly search for the optimal solution.

Magnetic placement

Rare earth magnets are increasingly being used as fasteners. They help to align, attach and detach parts easily.

Getting an accurate force deflection curve for an arbitrary magnet array is a quick and efficient simulation. This makes it possible to design fastening devices with minimal prototyping.

Fitting into your workflow

From CAD to optimization, we integrate into your workflow. This allows simulation to fit seamlessly into your design process.

Modern workflow driven setup can be fully customized. This means you can pick up the tool when you need it with the confidence that it will be accurate and efficient.