Sensors are fundamental to today’s smart devices. They are widely varied and complex to design.

Whether you are working on touch sensing, MEMS gyroscopes, LIDARS, radars or other devices, we can certainly help you accelerate product development.


Resonator design

Resonators are key parts of my sensor systems. However balancing resonant frequency, durability and reliability can be very challenging.

We have extensive experience working with resonators and using multi-objective parametric design exploration to help companies understand the trade-offs and find the optimal design.


Touch Sensing

Touch screen are a popular user interface and increasingly wide spread. Developing high quality touch screens on challenging surfaces or environments can be challenging.

We provide a full set of solutions to evaluate performance of touch sensing designs and help to understand it’s durability under impact, thermal cycling and vibrations.


Automotive LIdar and RAdar

Key to the success of autonomous vehicles are the sensor suite that provides an accurate understanding of the surrounding environment. Cameras, lidars, radars and other sensors are all complex devices on their own. Merging them into an effective sensor suite that balances effectiveness with cost and style is particularly challenging.

We provide a wide portfolio of tools that allows concepts and sensors to be analyze in their installed environment. From non-sequential ray tracing to detailed RF shooting and bouncing rays, our solution allows the sensors to be virtually integrated on any platform.


Mems sensors

MEMS sensors are now commonly found in a wide variety of electronics devices. Simulations are a crucial part of MEMS sensor development because they are inherently multiphysics.

We provide solutions to analyze a wide range of MEMS sensors. From piezoelectric accelerometers and gyroscopes, to pressure sensors and micromirrors, even SAW and BAW filters. We’ve worked with a wide range of devices to help accelerate product development.