I started Singularity EngineerING to help companies succeed.

After more than a decade at ANSYS as the lead applications engineer in the Bay Area, I decided to do more and do things a bit differently.

Fundamentally, I believe our success comes from how successful we can make our customers. We always put the customer 1st.

  • Provide what’s needed - consulting, training and/or software. We focus on long term customer success.

  • Provide full solutions - We focus on solving your problems, from conceptual design space exploration to simulation results validation, we are not done until you’ve found your solution.

  • Improve product development - We find partners in design, engineering and manufacturing so that we can help to improve the bay area product development eco-system.

MingYao Ding

Founder - Singularity Engineering


The Team

singularity Logo web.png

We are a rapidly growing team with expertise in structural, fluid, thermal and electromagnetic simulations. Based in the Bay Area, we are experts in the electronics, biomed and product design industry.

In addition, as certified partners of ANSYS and DFR solutions, we have the backing of hundreds of engineers and developers.

We get it done … fast!