Signal Integrity

High speed signals will encounter many discontinuities along its path in modern electronics systems. Each via, connector, solder ball will distort the signal quality and reduce the overall bandwidth of the system.

We provide a full suite of signal integrity simulation tools to ensure that high speed devices perform at high speeds.


SYZ Extraction

S-parameter extraction is typically the first step in identifying and characterizing the signal integrity of a complex board. As boards become smaller and operating frequencies higher, detailed and highly accurate s-parameter extraction is crucial in meeting performance requirements.

We provide the gold standard in 3d board level s-parameter extraction tools. Our solutions are the most accurate available and provide sign-off level results before prototyping.


Cross Talk

When traces on a PCB get too close, cross talk becomes an issue. As we continue to push the performance envelop in PCB design to its limits, cross talk becomes a critical issue.

We provide solutions that allow you to quickly scan signal traces and nets to identify which ones are susceptible to cross talk issues.


Channel Noise and Jitter

Combined simulation of connectors, traces and vias gives you the true performance of a channel with unparalleled accuracy. Evaluate either pre or post layout to understand and mitigate channel noise and jitter.

We provide high accuracy time domain simulation solutions for the entire high-speed channel. With powerful post processing capabilities, we can automatically gather eye statistics, inter-symbol interference and bit-error rates.