Startups and Product Design

We love working with startups and product design firms. Bringing the power of parametric design simulation early in the process is truly powerful. We enable engineers, designers, founders and makers to clearly understand the trade-offs, limits and possibilities of their design.


Design Exploration

The integration of parametric CAD with robust and powerful multiphysics simulation tools has opened up vast possibilities in conceptual design. Through automated parametric design explorations, it is possible to explore hundreds or thousands of design possibilities. Dig and filter through the data to understand the quantitative trade-offs and sensitivities of a design.

We enable designers to understand what is possible and what’s not. We help to get the concept started on a solid foundation so it is most likely to succeed.


Start up Program

We provide specialized license bundles to startups. This enables pre-revenue companies to deliver on their concepts faster, supported by the gold standard in simulation software.

Thousands of startups have taken part in the program and gotten the simulation tools they needed to help accelerate their product development process.


Rapid design iterations

Designers can iterate and optimize at an unprecedented pace when they use simulation to generate immediate feedback on design changes.

We provide the most advanced simulation tools and solutions available that enable designers to continuously iterate.