Design exploration for designers

We provide solutions that are easy to use and powerful. Designers need to consider different physics, get accurate results and get it done quickly. There is often a misconception that a rough answer is enough. Simulation results that you can count on is the difference between a tool and a toy.


Multi-objective optimization

Understand the trade offs and narrow down to the right design with solutions made for designers.

Don’t compromise on accuracy or capability.


Get the right answers

Solutions that get you the right results. Even simple problems like simulation of a flow over a basic cylinder can show the difference between tools and toys.

A few settings and a little bit more control is all that stands in the way of 5% vs 30% vs unknown error.

Results you can trust in are the only results worth the effort.



We provide solutions that are powerful enough for you to solve key problems you face and get the right result. We provide an entire spectrum of capabilities and will ensure that you get what you need.

Capabilities to model non-Newtonian flows in a nozzle is necessary if you are attempting to characterize blood flow.