Drop and Impact

As electronics devices have become more mobile, drop and impact have become a more common failure mode. Our simulation solutions help you understand and improve resistance to drop, shock and impact events. JEDEC board level drop, ball impact, Mil Spec shock and full system level drop tests can all be simulated. In addition, simulation provides detailed data on every part of the system, providing unequaled insight for designers to improve the design.


drop simulation

System level drop analysis is unparalleled in terms of providing insight and confidence into the design. Although time consuming, system level drop analyses are used by all major mobile electronics companies to ensure and improve drop tolerance of modern mobile electronics.

We provide a full suite of solutions to balance the time and accuracy of drop simulation so that our customers get the results they need in the time they have.


Ball Impact

User interface devices need to withstand impacts. It is common to perform ball impact tests to characterize impact resistance.

Simulation allows you to characterize and design an impact resistant display stack so that your prototypes will survive these tests. This helps the development process to proceed smoothly and get your product to market faster.