BioMedical Industry

Singularity engineering has partnered with numerous biomedical companies to help them innovate and bring products to market faster. We are excited to be surrounded by so much innovation in this field and happy that we can help to make a difference.

Below is a small selection of projects we have helped with.


Bioprocessing scale-up

Scale up is essential to making commercially viable products. However, it is challenging to go from flask to tank to volume production. Stir rates, aeration and flow speeds all need to be adjusted with each step. This often results in costly and time consuming trial and error.

Simulation offers insight into the mixing and sparging process to help companies get to mass production faster. We help you take the guess work out of scale-up.



Microfluidics devices take advantage of the complex interactions of surface tension and multiphase flows to generate droplets, mix and separate particles and bubbles. Although prototyping is typically fast and cheap, simulation provides the ability to iterate even faster.

Automatic parametric optimization provides deep insight into the interactions of many variables in a microfluidics device. This, combined with the power of state of the art CFD tools, helps companies get to the right design faster.



In many biomedical testing and sequencing equipment, it is important to expose the subject to the right amount of reagents for the right amount of time. The effort to speed up these processes has resulted in the need for detailed study of mixing and dispersion inside microfluidics and other systems.

Simulation captures all of the factors in these systems including diffusion, advection and turbulence. This provides a valuable tool for design optimization.


Stress and durability

BioMedical equipment seeks to perform faster for more efficiency with each new design. This inevitably leads to higher stress and durability concerns. In addition, highly nonlinear materials are commonly used. This makes simulations more challenging but also more useful.

We provide the full set of mechanical simulations solution, from nonlinear press-fit to fatigue and impact analysis. We can provide invaluable insight into how to make your devices more durable and robust.