Microfluidics devices typically uses small scale structures to manipulate fluids and particles. They are very effective in separation and preparation of biological samples.

Simulation can be used to significantly speed up the development process.


Surface tension driven flows

We provide solutions to model surface tension flows quickly. This allows engineers to understand droplet formation, sloshing, slug flow and a wide variety of phenomena quickly.


Particle flow interaction

Particle control and separation are often a key goal in microfluidics. There are various different particle models available from small and densely packed to large and dispersed.

We can put you on the right path and explain what is possible and what’s not. Particles (solid, liquid or gas) can greatly change the flow behavior so it is important to use the right model for your particular problem.



Everyone wants to develop the best device possible. However engineering is full or trade-offs and compromises. We use automatic parametric design exploration to quantify these trade-offs and help you find the optimal design.

If there is no optimal design, at lease we gain a great deal of understanding.