Antennas and RF

Antennas and RF simulations is challenging because of the vast difference in scales of interest. From detailed analysis of MIMO antennas radiation patters, to interference caused by enclosures, human bodies, even rooms and buildings.

We have the best solution that spans the entire problem space. Whether you are developing automotive radars or placing antennas on your IOT device, we can provide insight and help you make your product better.


Antenna matching and tuning

Antenna must be matched to the signal channel in order to be efficient. In today’s compact mobile devices, proper matching can be challenging and often results in a cascading challenges of low efficiency, high power use and short battery life.

We provide tools and solutions to ensure your antenna is matched to your circuit and tuned for optimal performance.


Antenna Desense

Multiple antennas on a complex electronics system can cause interference and decreased sensitivity due to noise from other components.

Evaluate your antennas as installed in the system through simulation to better understand interference and sensitivity.


Far Field effects

Understand the behavior of the antenna on a car, in a house or in a city.

We have the solution to efficiently simulation the performance of RF system across huge areas. This allows better understanding of the installed performance and enables design optimization before prototyping.