System Level Cooling

When the electronics system is large, it needs to be cooled by fans, heatsinks and more complex systems. We have the right solutions to handle large and complex electronics systems.

For complex systems, you can start early and use simulation to understand your design limits and needs. You can also take a fully detailed CAD model and simulate the final performance. We can assist you regardless of which approach you take.


System level cooling from CAD

Often electronics systems are fully designed before thermal analysis is done. In this case, we have the solution to efficiently turn that 1000 part assembly with rivets, screws and decals in to a working thermal model.

In addition, built in ICEPAK objects allow for easy parameterization, so, if there are what-if’s or trade-offs to be considered, it can be easily done.

ICEPAK From CAD with Optimization example

This is an archive of the ICEPAK project

It contains examples of the cleaned up Spaceclaim geometry, ICEPAK project and designXplorer optimization study.

Download Example
ICEPAK Basic.png

thermal Design study

Much of the form factor in today’s electronics is dependent on the effectiveness of the cooling solution. Electronics cooling simulations are very powerful at the design stage by helping designers understand what solutions are feasible. Even without a detailed CAD model, it is still possible to quickly iterate and understand the capability of a system to handle the necessary heat loads.

ICEPAK Detailed.png

The most accurate thermal simulations

Include all of the details and physics for the most accurate simulations.

  • Detailed fans and blowers with rotating blades

  • Detailed copper trace mapped on the PCB

  • Detailed heat electrical heat losses inside the PCB

  • Joule heating

  • Chip thermal model

  • etc.